This is a booklet from Legal Aid of Sonoma County ( It explains the expungment process in Sonoma County. There is a very helpful flow chart on page 11 to help you understand the steps available to you.

This handbook is put out by the California Department of Child Support Services (

The Sonoma County Family Law Facilitator's handbook, describing the office's services and the Sonoma County Law Library's services. Go to and navigate to "self help"
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This is the petition you can submit to the court to knock certain convictions from felonies to misdemeanors. You can submit a petition if you've been convicted of a felony for: shoplifting (less than $950); grand theft (less than $950); receiving stolen property (less than $950); forgery (less than $950); fraud (less than $950); writing a bad check (less than $950); personal use of most illegal drugs. Petitions go to the Court Clerk's Office at 600 Administration Drive, room 105-J. Bring three copies of the petition. The District Attorney may take up to ten court days to make a decision. If the D.A. does not approve your petition, you can request a hearing before a judge.